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The Studio – Who we are

General info about Brand Development and Design Studio Branditect

Branditect is a small brand development studio with true passion for branding. Our minds live at the crossroads where great design meets strategic, business and experience driven thinking – not to mention the problem solving mindset. We help our clients to deliver the best Brand Experience possible and thus we like to think ourselves as brand experience designers. We divide our work in to three categories: Strategy Work, Identity Design and Brand Growth.

Branditect’s focus is on creating extraordinary visual identities that are deeply rooted in carefully planned & successful brand strategies. We also give vital support for existing brands to make an impact with creative and visually stunning campaigns. In other words: WE LIGHT UP BRANDS. We also do our very best to prove that we are not just another advertising agency. We give our hearts to our projects and thrive to build lasting partnerships with our clients.

The prices in our propositions are fixed* per se, but additional work – i.e. the work not covered in the proposition – is billable and the costs are always based on our hourly rates.

Hourly rates
Strategy work 135€/h**
Design work 115€/h**
Manual implementation (e.g. updating content) 62,5€/h**

If you wish to learn more about our pricing policies, please take look at our behind the scenes journal entry about what it costs to develop a brand

*The fixed prices are based on the hourly rates and the time it takes to complete the task in question
**The prices we give are always ”VAT 0%” and thus the appropriate local taxes are added to the final amount billed: for example ”24% alv/VAT” in Finland.

If you wish to send us an invoice, we kindly ask you to use e-invoicing:
Finnish corporate ID (y-tunnus): 3172363-1
VAT ID: FI31723631
e-Invoice address: 003731723631
Operator: 003723327487 / APIX Messaging Oy

In case you do not have e-invoicing capabilities, please send the invoice by e-mail to this address:
[email protected]

The Studio - Turku, Finland

Design Studio Branditect is based in Turku, Finland. It is located right at The Old Great Square, in close proximity to Turku Cathedral. The building itself is called Juseliuksentalo which translates to ”The house of Juselius” or ”The Juselius Manor”. This ”Renaissance Revival architecture” or ”Neo-Renaissance” styled building was finished in 1892 and served as the private residence of it’s master: Carl Fredrik Juselius. Afterwards the building has served many purposes like hosted city officials and doctors’ receptions. Nowadays the Manor is the home for many interesting companies from different fields.
Uudenmaankatu 1 A, 
20500 Turku
Office hours during weekdays: 12:00-18:00

Office - London, United Kingdom

Our office in London is situated in the stunning Somerset House. Somerset House can be seen as one of the landmarks in London. The history of the site and the building itself is nothing but exciting. The site’s story began in 1547 when Edward Seymour, Lord Protector and Duke of Somerset, started to build a palace for himself – right next to the river Thames. The site and the building has had many different occupants from royals to different branches of the UK government. Nowadays Somerset House is proudly (among other things) the largest creative community in the nation.

Learn more: somersethouse.org.uk

Somerset House Exchange,
New Wing, Strand,
London WC2R 1LA
Office hours during weekdays: 10:00-16:00

Great brands

Here are some of the great brands we have had the pleasure of working with