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The Service Portfolio of Brand Development and Design Studio Branditect

Brand Strategy Work

Brand Strategy is the cornerstone of all branding related work. Without it, there’s no way to systematically steer the efforts poured into branding – not to mention the ability of measuring its’ success. In a nutshell, Brand Strategy serves as the blueprint for every action a brand takes.

Brand Strategy enables one to develop their brand to a desired direction all while serving a consistent messaging throughout the communication channels (i.e. customer touch points) used.

A brand should always keep true to the people and the organization it represents: If there’s even a small friction between the reflected image and reality, a clash is inevitable. This is just one of the reasons why the groundwork (Brand Strategy) is essential and should be done correctly. We start our brand development work by diving into the core of the client’s business. We find out what makes a company tick and what the unique driving force behind a non-profit is. We define the Unique Value Proposition (UVP or USP) and help the client to communicate about it accordingly. At the end of our Brand Strategy project, the client has a clear idea – supported by useful guidelines – on how to communicate in a way that is order to keep the brand being true to the brand
  • Brand Strategy Research
  • Corporate Brand Strategy Development
  • Employer Brand Strategy Development
  • Product Brand Strategy Development

Brand Identity Design

Identity Design is responsible for bringing Brand Strategy alive. It’s a combination of all the main visual building blocks a brand uses in its’ communication (=logo, typography, color palette etc.). In a nutshell, Identity Design is about how the brand looks and feels.

The guidelines for the usage of the elements are rounded up in the Visual Identity Guide. This book is the backbone in making sure that the messaging keeps true to the Brand (Strategy). A successful Brand Identity matches and echoes the strategy.

Brand Identity has its’ roots deep in the Brand Strategy. The Identity has to reflect the strategic choices and – moreover – the product/company/organization itself. If there’s a gap between the Visual Identity and reality, the target audience will take notice and the results are going to reflect the mixed experience.

We keep true to the brand and only create designs that ”talks the same language as the brand it represents”.

A complete Visual identity Design consists the following sectors:

  • Logo Design
  • Design Language Specification
  • Typography Design / Specification
  • Colour Design
  • Brand Asset Design

Brand Growth

Our Brand growth services are various tools created for taking brand development even further. The services go beyond the strategies & identity designs and instead offer ways to communicate to the end consumer or client – all while being in line with the Brand Strategy and Identity.

Services like Graphic Design or Web Development are widely available. Many regard them as separate projects or assignments. To us, the Communication Support services we offer are deeply connected to the Brand Strategy, Identity Design and the whole brand behind it all. We connect the dots and keep the pieces linked to each other.
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Copy
  • Graphic Design: Prints / Packages
  • Graphic Design: Digital / Web
  • Web Development
  • Campaign Development / Piloting
  • Photography / Video