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Turku School of Economics

The Client

Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, located in the city of Turku, Finland, is a prestigious institution that offers a wide range of business programs and research opportunities. TSE was founded in 1950 and is one of the oldest and most respected business schools in Finland. The school is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to innovation.

At Turku School of Economics, students are provided with the opportunity to learn from highly qualified professors and experts in their respective fields. The faculty members are dedicated to providing their students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their careers. With a combination of focus in both the theory side of the subjects as well as on practical application, the curriculum at Turku School of Economics prepares students for the challenges of the real world.

The programs offered at Turku School of Economics are diverse and comprehensive, covering a range of topics including business administration, economics, finance, marketing, and international business. Students can choose from undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, as well as executive education programs for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Turku School of Economics has a strong research culture, with a focus on addressing real-world business challenges. The research conducted at the institution is both theoretical and practical, with an emphasis on developing solutions to real-world problems. The faculty members at Turku School of Economics are actively involved in research, publishing their work in top academic journals and presenting their findings at conferences around the world.

In addition to academic excellence, Turku School of Economics is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The institution has a strong focus on sustainability in business and teaches its students how to operate in a socially responsible manner. Turku School of Economics also conducts research in the field of sustainability and provides consulting services to businesses seeking to adopt sustainable practices.

Overall, Turku School of Economics is a world-class institution that provides its students with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to succeed in the global business environment. With its commitment to academic excellence, practical application, research, and social responsibility, Turku School of Economics truly is one of the leading institutions in the field of business education and research in Finland.

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The Case

Branditect was approached and asked to create a business present that would represent Turku School of Economics’ history and values. Collaborating with the university, the gift’s future supplier Wanha Narikka and the producer Herrainpukimo, Branditect designed a pocket square that would serve as a unique and memorable gift for visiting lecturers and the university’s staff, as well as a product that could be sold to the public. A non-profit foundation wanted to be a part of the equation and decided to step in as a benefactor in the project in order to support the daily operations of Turku School of Economics.

The pocket square design was inspired by Raimo Kanerva‘s serigraphy, which he created for the Turku School of Economics’ 50th anniversary celebration. The design is called “New Dawn,” representing the beginning of a new era as the university looks towards the future. The original painting consists of two parts, with the first part depicting a symbolic stone wall with pictures, modern hieroglyphs, and graphite traces of time. The inner gate is guarded by two pillars, with the Corinthian pillar representing the school’s history and the birch pillar representing the sacred tree of the Finnish people. In front of the inner gate, Mercury, the God of trade, welcomes the new era. The clouds in the background represent the future.

The second part of the painting is an outer gate consisting of three tulips with a shadow, a coin from the 15th century, and a shell symbolizing new birth and an old payment instrument. The thin green line at the bottom symbolizes the Doctor’s sword, the symbol of truth. On the right side of the painting, there are two pieces of bronze jewelry, and the left side features a brown strip and a computer, symbolizing note-taking and research.

As requested, we adopted this painting into a unique and elegant pocket square design while maintaining as much of the original artwork as possible. The pocket square is and was produced by Herrainpukimo, a quality menswear company, and sold through Wanha Narikka, a shop within the university.

Overall, the collaboration between the Turku School of Economics, Branditect, Herrainpukimo, and Wanha Narikka resulted in a beautiful and meaningful product that represents the university’s history and values. The pocket square is a thoughtful and unique business present that can be treasured by its recipients, as well as a product that can be purchased by anyone who wants to own a piece of the university’s history.

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